25 Minutes of Pure POV Street Photography with the Sigma 18-35 Art lens ...

#POV #PortlandOregon #StreetPhotography

Good morning, it's Now the next day July 16th, 2020
I wanted to reach out to let you all of you know that I've heard your feedback on the video quality as I did try to keep it under my budget by using my iPhone 6s and iPhone X (10) as my source of mobile creations. But there are others that asked me to my the investment and BUY a GOPRO HERO 7 or 8 Black and I did. I am not sponsored please understand that all of this is coming from my pocket and only you can help make video creation happen with your support. This has taken away my day of duties and fun trying to make everyone happy. It has taken me all day and all night to push this out for you. This is one of my longest POV videos ever. Please support the channel to keep the lights one and for me to be able to make more POV content.


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