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First story but not the last

Abuse from Youtube

After all the hard work and the discrimination from @YouTube being so darn biases about my content that isn't no harm to the community, they decided to limit or run no ads on my content to create an income for myself. As I'd have from time to time have gone through a cycle of abuse with the platform. They have limited my voice to reach a photography and education experience audience but not only this, my small photography business has seen little to limit response from customers that said they didn't find me because of Youtube but from ads that I post on other social media platforms and newspapers. That cost me money and I mean lots of money, not Youtube money. With that said, I am in the process of leaving the Youtube program due to their lack of Youtube's responsibilities to help creators like myself survive an economy that millions of people are trying too hard to stay up float.
Just a few days ago, Youtube made a decision to limit my voice about my employment experi…

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